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Herbal Medicine Secrets - Foundation Course 10 Herbs in-depth.

Herbal Medicine Secrets - Foundation Course 10 Herbs in-depth.

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Learn from the experts how to Safely Grow, Make and Use your home Herbal Remedies.

What is really special about this course, is that we share age-old remedies in ways which you may not have encountered before, based on...

🌿Wendy's decades of clinical herbal medicine practice 

đŸŒ±Christopher's decades of horticulture experience combined with his herbal medicine training.  

Between us we have 70 years of experience as professionals in our fields. 

This course is for you if...

  • You are looking for knowledge that is tried true and trusted
  • You want to learn more about Herbal Medicine
  • You want to learn how to make medicines that that are so more effective than what you can buy over the counter in freshness and potency
  • Want to make herbal medicnes form the plants in your own backyard

This online course covers 10 key herbs in depth allowing you to use them safely & effectively for your health. Hosted on an online platform which allows you 24 hour access and to stop & start when it suits you.

  • We talk to you in an understandable way - We don’t bombard you with a whole list of technical terms you don’t understand or that has you scurrying for the dictionary.

  • Make available, otherwise hidden knowledge - Make available and understandable for you is herbal knowledge from thousands of years of use. We reveal for you trade secrets otherwise locked away in professional books behind a wall of technical language.

  • Herbal medicine, the people's medicine - Wendy & Christopher strongly believe that herbal medicine is the medicine of the people and needs to be in alive in people’s homes and kitchens. This course was created to empower you with better health.

BONUS - Included are ten of our monthly Q&A talks

Here is what Industry exeperts say about this course...

 Tim Thomas The Hierophant  ACT.

"When you want to start to build your health, resiliance and knowledge about herbal medicines, Wendy & Christopher are the ideal teachers. They have an incredible amount of knowledge about what worls, what's a waste of time and what's effective..."

Mike Tams Horticulturist (Merrist Wood & Pershore UK)

‘This course is very detailed and informative. It looks fantastic, with information I have never seen before.  Photographs are clear, comprehensive and accurate. The material is easy to digest & understand and well suited to people seriously interested in herbs.’

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Consists of a Digital presentation plus supporting videos.