Coming up in 2024 - More Herbal Webinars

In 2024 I will be hosting a several FREE Herbal Webinars to share
my knowledge & passion for medicinal herbs plus offer people a chance to
join my exclusive grower’s program 🌱HERBOLOGY HUB🌱 with a
special discount offer.

Webinars I carried out in 2024 were about Golden Seal & Arnica
exploring why these once common to obtain herbal medicines had become so

The webinars explored the different factors & changes in the
Herb Industry, Society & the Environment that have affected supply. These
talks are unique as I weave together my Horticultural & Herbal Knowledge
plus extensive research.

Each talk has a special offer for 🌱HERBOLOGY HUB🌱
membership plus a couple of quizzes & opportunities for participants to win
some herbal prizes & gifts.

2024 will see talks on Golden Seal (A re-run with updated
information) - Solomons seal (One of our most effective yet largely unknown
herbs) and Rhodiola.

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Special offer for Everyone who registers & attends the Webinar

On the Webinar you will have the oportunity to jump into Herbology Hub on a special deal.

Your special offer - Join up and recieve 6 months of membership at 50% off

There are also electronic door prizes as well.

This is a subscription-based plant growers group focussed on helping people grow medicinal herbs.

Meeting online twice a month I help you in your herb growing endeavours at whatever level.

Members access a private facebook group plus a back library of webinars and special member discounts.