Are you frustrated with dead plants, wasted time, and dashed dreams!

Join HERBOLOGY HUB with Christopher Smith, qualified Horticulturist & Herbalist with 45+ years of experience and learn
the secrets of successful herb growing.

Christopher is on an important mission- to have Australia become self sufficient in growing medicinal herbs, in particular assisting people to grow rare or endangered plants which are currently being imported.
This is important work for the future sustainability of herbal medicine practice
in Australia and globally.

Herbology Hub is a key initiative in this mission.


HERBOLOGY HUB is a monthly subscription program where green
thumbs and serious growers come together to expand their Herb knowledge & growing skills.

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Join a supportive online community where you can learn to create & grow your own Apothocary garden and so much more...

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Who is this program for...

People who are...

  • Actively growing herbs and want to expand their skills and increase their success.

  • Keen on medicinal herbs

  • Have a need to grow herbs for some end use

  • Want to improve your growing skills

  • Eager to take on new information, give it a try and participate freely in the group

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So, what’s on offer?

🌿 Monthly 90-Minute Webinar:

Immerse yourself in captivating and knowledge-packed webinars led by Herbal Elder, Christopher Smith. For 90 minutes each month, you'll delve into a diverse array of topics, from advanced cultivation techniques to the art of herbal remedies.

📚 Library Archive of Past Webinars:

Your learning doesn't end when the webinar does. Gain unlimited
access to our ever-expanding library of past webinars. Revise, revisit, and reinforce your understanding at your own pace.

🌱 Private Facebook Group:

Connect, converse, and collaborate within our exclusive Facebook community. Share your triumphs & tragedies, seek advice, and build lasting relationships with fellow enthusiasts who share your fervour for all things herbal.

🕒 Monthly Office Hour - Ask Me Anything:

Your questions, answered with expert answers. Benefit from a
dedicated monthly "Ask Me Anything" session where Christopher Smith addresses your queries, offers personalized guidance, and imparts invaluable insights.

💲Discounts from supporting busineses for Hub members

 ✅My Guarantee✅

Participate in the program for three months and if you are
not fully satisfied then…

Receive all your monies back - No excuses No questions No hassles
No dog ate my homework excuses needed.

Membership is only $47.90 / month (ex GST)

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Sharing my expertise with you

In the HUB I will be unearthing my seed sowing notes, plus sharing my photographic library of herb growing endeavours and passing on my accumulated experience. It’s all at your service in this program.

My commitment is to pass on my accumulated knowledge and inspire others to take up the baton of growing these vital important medicinal herbs we all need for our health.

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About Christopher

Christopher has a wealth of experience in growing plants with over 45+ years with his hands in the soil.

He trained at Adelaide Botanic Gardens in horticulture, then a BAppSc in Environmental analysis with Charles Sturt University and an Advanced Diploma In Western Herbal Medicine.

He is that unique intersection of talents being both a Horticulturist & Herbalist.

He has an infectious passion for plants especially medicinal herbs and how to grow them sustainably.

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Here is what previous course participants have to say …

"Christopher training style is engaging , calm and very informative. He is the real deal !!!!

Christopher develops a great connection with and between participants Christopher Rocks!!!"

I truly enjoyed it... very informative, easy to understand and full of
surprising information. I don't look at weeds the same way anymore ..."

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