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If you are keenly interested in Medicinal herbs then you are in the right place😀

Here you will find plant based skin care products, Informative blogs, short courses and 🌱HERBOLOGY HUB 🌱

Founded in 2023 the HUB is a subscription-based plant growers
group focussed on helping people grow medicinal herbs.

It’s for people who are
enthusiastic about growing herbs and want to expand their skills and
increase their success.

Well suited for people ranging from Green thumbs to
serious growers.

And If you are a novice there is room for you as well....

  • Specialist Herb grower

    Tinderry Mountain Herbs is a specialist grower of select medicinal herbs. My committment is to have endangered herbs sustainably cultivated in Australia to supply Natural medicine practitioners. This forms part of a Australian community of growers creating a new paradigm of Sustainable Herbal Medicine.

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    HERBOLOGY HUB is the place to be if you are into growing your own Medicinal Herbs. This online subscription membership is where I impart my experience & skills to help you become a successful herb grower.

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  • Natural Skin Care range

    Tinderry Mountain Herbs creates a boutique handmade range of quality skin care products. Carefully formulated with organic oils and biodynamicly grown farm herbs.

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