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Are you looking for ecologically sound Natural skin care products with a versatile

Handmade by Christopher a passionate Herbalist & Horticulturist these skin care products contain
carefully selected plant-based ingredients to support and nourish your skin.

Organic cold pressed oils plus biodynamically grown plants are carefully combined in
these unique formulations specifically designed to support your skin in the harsh
Australian environment.

Unlike other industrial-made products, Tinderry Mountain Herbs is the only online creator of this unique formula, perfect for all skin types year round.

A premium formulation skin cream specifically designed for your face.

Studying in Tasmania with Master Pharmacist Ken Atherton I learnt firsthand how to craft quality herbal skin creams.

I passionately believe that...

what’s good for your skin is also good for the planet.

That's why I use organic oils and grow my own biodynamic herbs.

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About Tinderry Mountain Herbs

  • Specialist Herb grower

    Tinderry Mountain Herbs is a specialist grower of select medicinal herbs. My committment is to have endangered herbs sustainably cultivated in Australia to supply Natural medicine practitioners. This forms part of a Australian community of growers creating a new paradigm of Sustainable Herbal Medicine.

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  • Herbal Medicine Education

    Tinderry Mountain Herbs provides a range of educational products for people wanting to learn more about Natural medicine and the world of herbs. You can choose between online courses or in person work shops.

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  • Natural Skin Care range

    Tinderry Mountain Herbs creates a boutique handmade range of quality skin care products. Carefully formulated with organic oils and biodynamicly grown farm herbs.

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