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Tinderry Mountain Herbs

Comfrey Skin Cream - 4 pack

Comfrey Skin Cream - 4 pack

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For when one jar is just not enough!

A great choice for presents or to ensure all the family has a jar to use.

This Comfrey cream is Ideal for hard working hands and heavy-duty skin repair. Comfreys green healing energy has been used over thousands of years.

To our organic cold pressed oil base has been added Comfrey tincture grown & prepared on the farm.

Studying in Tasmania with Master Pharmacist Ken Atherton I learnt firsthand how to craft quality herbal skin creams. I passionately believe that what’s good for your skin is also good for the planet. That's why I use organic oils, grow my own biodynamic herbs and avoid any petrochemicals or palm oils. “If you can’t decipher the ingredients, you won’t want them on your skin!”

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