3 essentials to get you started with herbs

3 essentials to get you started with herbs

Are you confused or overwhelmed about where to start learning about herbs, and their various uses?

There is so much information out there on google and other search engines ... and everyone is an "expert!" Who do you trust? Where do you start? Who do you learn from? 

As a qualified Herbalist and Horticulturist, my passion is herbs, plants, growing, healthy soil, and sharing my knowledge. I'm also passionate about creating medicinal remedies and herbal creams, which I sell here, if you're interested in ready-made all-natural moisturisers and more.

Essential step #1 - The easiest place to start is with a simple and very delicious cup of herbal tea

It’s really that easy! Buy some good quality dried herbs and experience them as a health-supporting cup of tea. Always remember to boil the water to no more than 80 degrees adding 1 teaspoon of dry herb to each cup. Then let your tea steep for 10 minutes, before drinking. My favourite herbs for herbal teas that I recommend to start with are Peppermint, Dandelion root and Chamomile. Peppermint is great for digestion, Dandelion root supports your liver, and Chamomile for relaxation - it's perfect as a before-bed cup of tea, that helps get you off to sleep. 

Essential step #2 - Grow your own herbs - it's easy!

Growing your own herbs is a relaxing & satisfying way to see, touch and use herbs for your health. My suggestions are Calendula, Yarrow & Peppermint. All easy to grow, safe to use and will fit into most gardens or even pots! Important to note, is that Peppermint and Yarrow will take over your garden, so make sure you keep these ones in a pot! After the rain, Peppermint smells absolutely delightful, and that's a beautiful time to pick! Calendula can be grown in the garden, and the flowers are a brilliant orange so will be gorgeous to look at, as well as use in herbal tinctures, teas etc. Calendula is grown in full sun, where as Peppermint and Yarrow can be grown in part-shade or full sun. 

Essential step #3 - Learn from an expert

While there are YouTube videos and articles aplenty when you google, sometimes, you'll learn a whole lot more, and really enjoy the in-person experience of a workshop. When an expert conveys their wealth of information in a way that's easy to understand, you really get your moneys worth.  Being able to talk to the person and ask questions is invaluable. 

Recently at my Herbal Salves workshop in Canberra, workshop attendees made four different salves using three different methods and left after 2 hours feeling confident that they could do this at home safely & easily, and they had great fun doing it. I get such a kick out of watching their confidence grow, and their joy increase as they realise that working with herbs is full of endless possibilities.

My upcoming workshops are:

Experiencing Herbal Teas in October at The Hierophant, Griffith, Canberra

Natural Medicine First Aid in November at Bodalla Nursery, South Coast, NSW

and in 2023 the talks continue… Stay tuned and find out where you can attend one of my workshops, by clicking HERE to sign up to my email list, or here to follow me on Facebook and Instagram

If you'd like me to run a workshop in your area, or are interested in online workshops, send me an email! [tinderryherbs@gmail.com]

This is what happened at my recent Herbal Salves workshop in Canberra. 

 Canberra herbal salve DIY workshop


Press play below to watch my video on sustainably growing herbs: 👇👇👇



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